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Project Mkaa Mweupe Peleti

In Tanzania most people depend on charcoal and firewood for cooking. This is one of the main causes for the fast proceeding deforestation and leads to respiratory diseases. Today, most of the households are not able to afford a clean alternative like liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). However, in recent years gasifier stoves have been developed, running on pellets. These stoves present a new, clean and affordable alternative to charcoal. 

The small-scale market introduction of the gasifier stove shall demonstrate that people are willing and able to switch to a new cooking technology and allocate possible pitfalls for a future large-scale introduction of gasifier stoves. Mimi Moto gasifier stoves will be used, fuelled with pellets produced of rice husks and sawdust. The goal is to show that people are willing and able to use pellets for their daily cooking.

Applied on large scale, this renewable cooking system has the potential to reduce the pressure on Tanzanian forests by substituting charcoal as a fuel and provide Tanzanian households with a clean alternative to do their daily cooking.

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